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About Us

Mayan Distribution LLC established in 2017 on the island of Hawaii, our company has been dedicated to bringing delicious Latino and Central American food to people throughout the area. We focus on the wants and needs of our Hispanic community and the locals residing in Hawaii so that residents from Mexico, Central America—and beyond—feel like they are in their own country. We have reached the taste buds of Asian and Hawaiian communities by bringing them unique products. Based on our 5 years of experience in the import industry, we are proud to serve all these people—and feel their support! What distinguishes us from other food companies is that we select authentic products that do not exist on the island, which makes us different and unique to please the palates of the excellent taste of Hispanic gastronomy. We are a small company dedicated to meeting the needs of our valued customers. We always strive to meet their expectations by providing quality products and excellent service. If someone suggests a product that does not exist on the island, we don’t dismiss it as impossible to obtain. We are confident enough in our ability to find solutions for every need—and if anyone can make this happen, we will!

Benefits of our Clients:

For new customers, we offer a 30-day trial period during which you can try out your products. At the end of that time frame, we will send you an invoice for any items sold and give you credit towards your next purchase if any of the goods don’t sell.

Benefits of being a client of Mayan Distribution LLC:

– You will have a unique product in your store that will make it stand out from the crowd.
– For each square foot of your store, you will be generating profits every day because you always have products to please customers—from those who buy sweets for their two-year-old children to those purchasing groceries.
– We offer products that suit each of your clients’ needs.


Once you are our client, all your purchases will be insured. All Mayan Distribution products will be delivered to you with a minimum expiration period of 30 days. If, for any reason, this product expires, Mayan Distribution will give you credit for the invoice value. Once your company is a member of Mayan Distribution LLC, there is no minimum purchase required for free delivery to your business’s door.

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Mayan Distribution LLC is a Hawaii-based candy and sweet importer and distributor. The company is engage in significant trade between the U.S. and Mexico through its import activities.

Our Location

Mayan Distribution LLC import a large variety of Mexican sweet and distribute them to a variety of nationals clients, primarily consisting on candy stores, Cash and Carry franchises, and other smaller distributors out of its 22,000 Commerce warehouse

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